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IC419 Embedded Systems (Fall 2011)


  • Prof. Hyuk Lim (email: hlim AT, IC-C409, Office Hours: by appointment

Course Description:

A cyber-physical system (CPS) is a system featuring a tight combination of, and coordination between, the system’s computational and physical elements. Various cyber physical systems (CPS) has been being developed and used such as automobiles, smart grid systems, embedded systems, and robotic systems. The CPS is mainly composed of the physical processing component and the computing devices, and the two components are connected to each other through wired and wireless communication networks. This lecture focuses on three key components of physical system model, real-time computing and scheduling, and communication and networking for CPSs.



Modeling Dynamic Behaviors

  • [Sep. 1] Introduction to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) (slides)
  • [Sep. 6] Introduction to feedback and control (slides)
  • [Sep. 8] System modeling (slides)
  • [Sep. 13] Chuseok
  • [Sep. 15] System modeling
  • [Sep. 20] FT & LT review (slides)
  • [Sep. 27] Model-based design (slides)
  • [Sep. 29] Sports day
  • [Oct. 6] Midterm exam
  • [Oct. 11] Discrete dynamics (slides)
  • [Oct. 13] Hybrid systems (slides)

Operating systems

  • [Oct. 18] Operating system (slides)
  • [Oct. 20] System structure (slides)
  • [Oct. 25] Processes (slides)
  • [Oct. 27] IPC
  • [Nov. 3] Threads (slides)
  • [Nov. 8] CPU scheduling (slides)
  • [Nov. 10] CPU scheduling
  • [Nov. 17] Foundation day
  • [Nov. 22] Synchronization (slides)
  • [Nov. 24] Synchronization
  • [Nov. 29] Synchronization
  • [Dec. 1] Deadlocks (slides)
  • [Dec. 2m] Deadlocks

Wireless networking

  • [Dec. 2a] Physical layer issues (slides)
  • [Dec. 6] Medium access control (slides-1), (slides-2)
  • [Dec. 8] Medium access control
  • [Dec. 9] Final exam

Realtime scheduling

  • Rate monotonic scheduling: Richard, Atu
    • C. L. Liu and J.W. Layland, “Scheduling algorithms for multiprogramming in a hard real-time environment”, Journal of the ACM, 1973
    • J. Lehoczky et al, “The Rate Monotonic Scheduling Algorithm: Exact Characterization And Average Case Behavior”, In Proceedings of the IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, 1989
  • Deadline monotonic scheduling
    • N. C. Audsley, A. Burns, M. F. Richardson, and A. J. Welling, “Hard Real-Time Scheduling: The Deadline Monotonic Approach”, In the Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Real-Time Operating Systems, 1992
  • Earliest deadline first / least slack first scheduling: 김인식, 하태진, 김재민
    • C. L. Liu and J. W. Layland, “Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprogramming in a Hard Real-Time Environment”, Journal of the ACM, 1973
    • S. K. Baruah, L.E.Rosier, and R.R. Howell, “Algorithms and complexity concerning the preemptive scheduling of periodic, real-time tasks on one processor”, Journal of Real-time Systems, 1990
    • K. Jeffay and D.L. Stone, “Accounting for interrupt handling costs in dynamic priority task systems”, RTSS, 1993
  • Priority ceiling protocol: Mojtaba Raznahan, Le Tran khan
    • L. Sha et. al., “Priority Inheritance Protocols : An Approach to Real-Time Synchronization”, IEEE Transactions on Computers, 39(9), 1990
  • Aperiodic task scheduling: 강정구, 이현
    • J. K. Strosnider, J. P. Lehoczky and L. Sha: “The Deferrable Server Algorithm for Enhanced Aperiodic Responsiveness in Hard Real-Time Environments”, IEEE Transactions on Computers, Vol. 44, No. 1, pp. 73-91, January 1995.
    • B. Sprunt, L. Sha, and J. Lehoczky: “Aperiodic Task Scheduling for Hard Real-Time System”, Journal of Real-Time Systems, pp. 27-60, June 1989.
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