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Ph.D. Dissertation

  1. 정대원, "Design and analysis of medium access control for wireless LANs with multi-packet reception capability," 광주과학기술원, 2012.2

Master Thesis

  1. 김효주, "Termination detection algorithm for diffusing computations in wireless sensor networks," 광주과학기술원, 2008.2
  2. 정대원, "Adaptive medium access control for high throughput multihop wireless networks," 광주과학기술원, 2008.8
  3. 김융관, "Fast tag-to-tag anti-collision algorithms for EPC generation 2 RFID systems," 광주과학기술원, 2008.8
  4. 황재선, "A receiver-based multi-channel MAC protocol for wireless networks," 광주과학기술원, 2009.2
  5. 정관희, "A study on the carrier sensing and power allocation in CSMA/CA wireless networks," 광주과학기술원, 2009.2
  6. 장인혁, "An opportunistic forwarding protocol with relay acknowledgement for vehicular ad-hoc networks," 광주과학기술원, 2009.8
  7. 김태운, "Distributed semi-synchronous channel coordination for multi-channel wireless networks," 광주과학기술원, 2010.2
  8. 최우열, "Power control for multiple access communications systems with multi-packet reception capability," 광주과학기술원, 2010.2
  9. 황영학, "Fountain code based multipath transport protocol for heterogeneous multi-homing networks," 광주과학기술원, 2011.8
  10. 김량수, "RSS-based localization in IEEE 802.11 wireless infrastructure," 광주과학기술원, 2012.2
  11. 최보람, "Channel coordination mechanism for coexistence among heterogeneous cognitive radio networks," 광주과학기술원, 2012.2
  12. 김재민, "Adaptive selection of multiple paths for networked control systems," 광주과학기술원, 2012.2
  13. Le Tran Tiem Khanh, "Superimposed signals in wireless communication system with distributed transmitters," 광주과학기술원, 2013.2
  14. 황선녕, "Bayesian inference-based localization for wireless capsule endoscope," 광주과학기술원, 2013.2
  15. Atuletye Burton Mwamila, "Distributed power control for wireless networks with a limited number of channels," 광주과학기술원, 2013.2
  16. 김인식, "Greedy data dissemination algorithm for vehicular cloud system," 광주과학기술원, 2013.8
  17. 김용강, "Research on distributed beamforming for underwater sensor networks," 광주과학기술원, 2014.2
  18. 조치우, "Energy conservation using data compression in wireless sensor networks," 광주과학기술원, 2014.2
  19. Jargalsaikhan Narantuya, "Distributed Sampling Algorithm for Intrusion Detection in SDN Environment," 광주과학기술원, 2015.2
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